Polishing a vintage engagement ring.
Polishing a vintage engagement ring.

About Filigree Rings

Filigree Wedding and Engagement Rings

Vintage Filigree wedding and engagement rings are a staple of Whitehouse Brothers jewelry, with designs in production today that were created 100 years ago.

What are Filigree Rings?

Filigree engagement and wedding rings are a romantic style of design which can give even a brand new ring a vintage and classic feel. Filigree is a delicate kind of jewelry metalwork made with tiny beads and threads to create intricate, feminine designs.

The beads and threads are pierced into the surfaces of a ring and arranged into different artistic motifs featuring lace-like details with flowers, vines, and flourishes.

Filigree design on a ring can add visual pop to a center stone. Additional engraving, small diamonds, or gemstone accents are also often featured.

Skilled workmanship is required to create the elaborate and delicate designs on filigree rings. It takes a lot more than adding threads or bead work to a ring -- it takes a special design and understanding of jewelry construction to create a quality ring that will stand the test of time. We engineer all of our filigree rings to stand up to normal wear and tear and become future family heirlooms.

All Whitehouse Brothers pieces are die struck as solid parts, and then the filigree is pierced out from the parts.

History of Vintage Filigree Rings

Filigree rings are often considered Edwardian because they were created during King Edward VII’s reign (1901-1910). However, filigree usage may be tracked back to metal work from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Etruria, Greece and Byzantium.

Flower themes in the Edwardian era were popular in part because of Queen Alexandra’s love of flowers. Art Nouveau rings also heavily feature filigree designs.

Platinum was the favorite of Edwardian metals since it was newly available and allowed for more intricate designs. Edwardian filigree rings often feature diamonds or other gemstones set in an intricate setting. These rings are also characterized by delicate elegance.

How to Care for Your Antique Filigree Ring

Since filigree rings are more delicate than other styles of wedding or engagement rings, there are simple steps you can take to care for your ring and keep it looking new. For example, avoid wearing your ring in the shower to prevent soap buildup from forming in the engraving.

Interested in wearing a Whitehouse Brothers filigree ring? One of our authorized retailers will be able to assist you to find the perfect jewelry for you.