Polishing a vintage engagement ring.
Polishing a vintage engagement ring.


Whitehouse Brothers: Made in the USA


Since 1898, Whitehouse Brothers has proudly created all of our jewelry here in the United States. Everything we sell is hand-crafted by our employees – nothing is outsourced.

We use 100 percent recycled metal and responsibly sourced diamonds. Although the diamonds don’t come from the U.S., they come from the Responsible Jewellery Council, which ensures we’re not supporting the violation of human rights.
All of Whitehouse Brothers’ metal is recycled in a North American-based refinery that takes in metal scraps and refines and cleans them.

We’re able to provide a high-quality product because we’re able to employ artisans and skilled craftsmen, right here in the U.S.

Not only does making our products in the U.S. help the American economy, employ artisans and ensure all elements are responsibly sourced, it helps with delivery times. A Whitehouse Brothers ring can be created in 2-3 weeks as opposed to the 6-8 weeks it often takes other jewelry designers who get supplies from overseas.

A ring made in the USA is important to our customers.

“You want to buy products from your own country and support it,” said Scott Wansthrath, Whitehouse Brothers Director of Operations. “There’s national pride there.”

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