Frequently Asked Questions

What is an authorized retailer?

Whitehouse Brothers authorized retailers are carefully selected retail locations throughout the United States. Each retailer carries a certain level of stock to show customers who are searching for the perfect Whitehouse Brothers piece.

What should I do if my authorized retailer does not have a particular ring in stock?

Whitehouse Brothers carries many sample pieces in-stock for special viewings. Please contact your authorized retailer to have any in-stock pieces sent for a special viewing.

Can I buy a ring directly from Whitehouse Brothers?

Yes, Whitehouse Brothers rings are sold both online and through authorized retailers.

I don’t have an authorized retailer in my area. How can I purchase a Whitehouse Brothers ring?

Whitehouse Brothers rings are available online and through authorized retailers.  If you are looking to purchase through a retailer but do not have an authorized retailer in your area, we'll be happy to find an alternative buying option.  If you have a local jeweler you typically work with, we can arrange a special purchase through their location.  Contact us for more information and to arrange the special purchase.

What metals are your engagement and wedding rings available in?

All Whitehouse Brothers’ rings are available in White Gold (14k and 18k), Yellow Gold (14k and 18k), Rose Gold (14k) and Platinum.

Does each engagement ring have a matching wedding band?

Yes, all Whitehouse Brothers engagement rings have an accompanying matching wedding ring. Most of the matching wedding rings can be found on our website under our wedding ring collections. If you don’t see the matching wedding ring to your engagement ring online, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

I already have a center diamond. Can I buy a Whitehouse Brother ring?

Yes, please contact us with information regarding your existing center stone to arrange purchase. We will set up a special purchase as a semi-mount (no center) and work with you to complete a custom order specificially for your stone dimensions.

Can I customize an engagement ring?

Yes, most Whitehouse Brothers rings can be customized for different size/shape center stones and/or finger sizes, or gemstone substitutes for side diamonds. Please contact us with information regarding your customization for further information.

What is the quality of the side diamonds on Whitehouse Brothers rings?

Our 14k rings are made with G-H color, SI quality diamonds, while our 18k and Platinum rings contain E-F color and VS quality diamonds.

Is every ring design on the website?

No, many of our matching contour wedding bands are not listed online currently. If you are looking for a matching band to your engagement ring and do not see it online, feel free to contact us for additional information.

What are your delivery times?

Most pieces have a delivery time of around 2-3 weeks. Heavily customized or modified rings will take around 4-6 weeks.

What if I do not want to purchase a Diamond for my center?

If you do not wish to purchase a diamond as your center stone, we will be happy to source any other type of center. Please contact us and we will work with you to find the perfect center for your needs.

I have questions about a couple diamonds, who can I ask?

If you have questions about diamonds, please do not hesitate to ask!  Contact our customer service, we will do everything we can to give an honest comparison between diamonds, or specfic information on any diamond listed.  We will even use our expertise to explain the certification report and the pros and cons of each diamond.  We're more than happy to contact our suppliers for their expert knowledge as well, so go on and ask us anything!

Are your white Gold rings hypoallergenic?

All of our white metals are hypoallergenic with the exception of our 14k white gold.  Our 18k white gold is made with a Palladium alloy, while Platinum is always a great option for allergy prone customers.