Polishing a vintage engagement ring.
Polishing a vintage engagement ring.

The Art Of Filigree

Like Fine Lace Made Of Diamonds

Timeless Elegance

Filigree jewelry is timeless and elegant. It has been said that filigree jewelry is like fine lace fashioned out of precious metal. The beauty is found in the unique details — floral motifs, scroll designs, and fine beads. Just like the loved ones in your life, each piece has a history and these details are an expression of character.
The Whitehouse Brothers designs produced today are original models from the Victorian, Art Nouveau and Edwardian periods. Popular motifs that you will see from this time period are floral images, organic patterns, and interwoven asymmetric flowing lines. As Art Deco styles came onto the scene during the 1920s, more geometric and abstract patterns emerged. You can see hints of art deco in the outside edges of many pieces.

Hand Engraved Process

Whitehouse Brothers' craftsmen hand engrave each ring, meaning each Whitehouse Brothers piece is individually cut with sharp tools called "gravers" to produce the designs and patterns shown.
Whitehouse Brothers has been a family owned business for 115 years. The highly skilled artisans who specialize in their specific craft (polishing, engraving, setting, etc.) take pride in creating a truly exceptional product with timeless beauty and elegance.