Not only does Whitehouse Brothers manufacture an extensive product line, but we also offer the finest custom and handmade engagement rings.   Whether you are in Cincinnati or anywhere around the United States Whitehouse Brothers is nationally recoginized as one of the finest ring manufacturers.

Be confident that our craftspeople will take you step-by-step through the ring building process.   From conceptual drawings, to fabrication and finish you will be apart of the process.    For those very special rings, Whitehouse Brothers has the ability to handmake rings unlike any other jeweler.    We start from pure platinum or gold and alloy right in our factory.    The metal is melted, rolled and drawn into sheet and wire to begin the fabrication process.   We use both new and old-world techniques to create each component that will be use to assemble your ring.   Our master craftspeople known as some of the best in the country.   We promise your engagement ring will be off the Richter scale!

Call or contact us today to discuss your next engagement ring project.    We accept appointments at our Cincinnati facility.   We provide conceptual drawings with no obligation or charge.   We offer both natural and lab grown diamonds at the best prices.