Ethical Sourced Diamonds and Engagement Rings


Ethical Diamond sourcing is number one priority at Whitehouse Brothers, so we ensure all suppliers are in compliance with several criteria required to be conflict free.

The Kimberly Process

The Kimberly Process is an International initiative to increase transparency in the Diamond industry to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds. The Kimberly Process controls the trade of rough diamonds throughout the world, providing certification of conflict free origin and sealed transportation from location to location. Below is the system of warranties required by all Kimberly Process participants:

  • To trade only with companies that include warranty declarations on their invoices.
  • To not buy diamonds from suspect sources or unknown suppliers, or which originate in countries that have not implemented the Kimberley Process.
  • To not buy diamonds from any sources that, after a legally binding due process system, have been found to have violated government regulations restricting the trade in conflict diamonds.
  • To not buy diamonds in or from any region that is subject to an advisory by a governmental authority indicating that conflict diamonds are emanating from or available for sale in such region, unless diamonds have been exported from such region in compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.
  • To not knowingly buy or sell or assist others to buy or sell conflict diamonds.
  • To ensure that all company employees that buy or sell diamonds within the diamond trade are well informed regarding trade resolutions and government regulations restricting the trade in conflict diamonds.

Currently there are 54 participants representing 81 countries within the Kimberly Process certification scheme. Whitehouse Brothers only purchases from companies which are guaranteed to be a participant of the Kimberly Process. We ensure this by only purchasing diamonds from a select few of the largest Diamond suppliers in the world. This ensures that our suppliers are regularly audited for best practices, and that all diamonds are sourced from legitimate non-conflict sources.

Diamond Sightholders

Whitehouse Brothers only purchases diamonds from DTC (De Beers) Sightholders. A DTC Sightholder is a company which is under contract to purchase rough diamonds from DTC. There are currently only 80 Sightholders throughout the world. This is a key step in eliminating conflict diamonds because it guarantees the origin of each diamond. DTC only sources Diamonds from their own mining operations, which eliminates the possibility of any diamonds being sourced from rebel groups to support conflict. Being the largest producer and seller of rough diamonds in the world, the DTC is also in strict adherence to the Kimberly Process and regularly audited for business practices.

Using a select few suppliers who are in adherence with both the Kimberly Process and a Diamond Sightholder allows us to guarantee that any diamonds we sell are ethical and conflict free.

You can always contact us with questions regarding our sourcing practices and we encourage you to learn more about the Kimberly Process and Diamond Sightholders.

Ethical Sourcing
Ethical Sourcing