Home Try-On

A home try-on option is a service provided by Whitehouse Brothers, that allows customers to try on engagement rings or other jewelry pieces in the comfort of their own home before making a purchase. Here's how it typically works:

  1. Selection:  The customer selects a set of engagement rings or specific jewelry pieces they are interested in from our website. 

  2. Shipping:  Whitehouse Brothers ships the selected items directly to the customer's home. The package usually includes multiple rings or jewelry pieces for the customer to try on.

  3. Trial Period: The customer is given a specific trial period, typically ranging from a few days to a week, to try on the jewelry pieces at home. This allows them to see how the items look and feel in person, evaluate their size, style, and overall appeal.

  4. Evaluation and Feedback: During the trial period, the customer can evaluate the pieces, compare them, and seek opinions from family or friends. They may also take pictures or record notes about their preferences and thoughts on each item.

  5. Return or Purchase: At the end of the trial period, the customer decides whether to place an order and have an engagement ring or wedding band specially crafted for them.   

The home try-on option provides a convenient way for customers to explore different jewelry options without the pressure of making an immediate decision. It allows them to assess the look, fit, and overall suitability of the items in their own environment before committing to a purchase. The service aims to enhance the online shopping experience and provide customers with a higher level of confidence and satisfaction in their jewelry selection through Whitehouse Brothers.

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Try our Engagement Rings at Home

Home Try-On

Whitehouse Brothers is proud to offer a free in-home preview for all items prior to purchase. The process is simple; just follow the steps below to arrange for a sample box to be sent right to your home!

Browse Website


Pick Your Ring Style

Begin by browsing our website to find your favorite ring styles, use our wishlist to keep track of them all!  After creating your ideal wishlist, narrow the items to your 3 favorite styles - Our preview boxes come with up to 3 pieces per order.

Finalize preview


Shortlist Ring Styles for preview

Once you have decided on your 3 favorite styles, it's time to build and finalize your preview.  You can add items to your box by using the "Try at Home" button on each product page.  To complete your preview, proceed to check out in the shopping cart, we will place a refundable hold of $25 per item on your credit card at this time.

Receive rings


Receive Your Sample Kit

After finalizing your preview, we will begin to assemble your box!  You will receive your sample kit within 10 business days of completing your order.  Your box will include the rings requested along with a custom ring sizer to measure your finger.  Make sure you're available to take delivery, we require a signature for all shipments.

View rings


Try Rings for three days

From the time you receive your preview, you will have 3 days with the rings before returning them to Whitehouse Brothers.  Wear the rings around and really get to know them, you'll be spending a lifetime together after all!  We want you to really familiarize yourself with the rings, make sure you find the one that's perfect for your lifestyle.

Return rings


Return the Rings

After 3 days we ask that you return the rings with the pre-paid shipping label provided.  Package the rings back up, put the label on the box and drop it off at your local shipping center...that's it!  When we receive the rings back at Whitehouse Brothers, we'll inspect the rings and credit your account for the amount being held.

All of our sample rings are manufactured in Silver and CZ to simulate the real thing. The samples are manufactured using the same process as our live products, so you will be seeing an exact replica of the final piece. Our samples are manufactured in white metal with round centers only, the center size will depend on the style.  Our finger sizes will always be a standard 6 1/2 - 7 for all sample rings.

Please note: All rings must be returned in original condition. Any rings not returned within the preview window will add an additional charge of $185.00 per ring. If you need more time to preview the rings, please do not hesitate to ask, we’ll be happy to accommodate most schedules!  Home Try On program only valid for shipments within the United States, paid accomodations can be made by request for international shoppers.