Learn About Diamond Characteristics



A diamond can come in many different shapes, which can be largely dependent on the shape of the rough crystal from which a diamond is cut. The Round Brilliant is by far the most popular shape, making up almost 80% of all diamonds cut. Any other shapes outside of the Round Brilliant is referred to by it’s name or a blanket term of “Fancy Shape.”



Cut is the term used to refer to the overall quality and care of a diamond’s craftsmanship. Cut is an extremely important characteristic in determining the overall beauty and fire of a diamond. For this reason we always suggest choosing the highest cut grade available for your budget and desired characteristics.



Color is graded based on the lack or presences of color in a diamond. Color can be found within diamonds in hues of both yellow and brown. A diamond will receive a higher color grade with less color present in the diamond. Color grades range from D-Z with D being the highest grade without any color present at all.



Clarity refers to the number and size of small imperfections found in nearly all diamonds. These imperfections often referred to as inclusions, determine a diamond’s clarity grade. A diamond with a larger number and more frequent inclusions will receive a lower clarity grade than a diamond with very few inclusions.



Carat is a measure of a diamond’s weight. The larger the carat weight, the more rare and valuable the diamond will be. A diamond’s physical appearance is not only influenced by its carat weight, but the quality of its craftsmanship also has a significant impact. Properly proportioned diamonds with an excellent cut grade will look larger and more beautiful than a poorly cut diamond.


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