Radiant Natural Diamonds

A radiant natural diamond is a diamond that has been naturally formed in the Earth and has a radiant cut. The radiant cut is a rectangular or square-shaped diamond with trimmed corners and brilliant-style facets that maximize the stone's brilliance and fire. Here are some key features of radiant natural diamonds:

  1. Shape: Radiant diamonds are characterized by their rectangular or square shape with trimmed corners. This combination of straight and trimmed edges gives the diamond a distinctive and unique appearance.

  2. Facets and Cut: Radiant diamonds are cut with a combination of step-cut and brilliant-cut facets. The step-cut facets create a hall-of-mirrors effect, while the brilliant-cut facets enhance the diamond's brilliance and sparkle. The typical radiant cut consists of 70 facets or more, depending on the specific cutting style.

  3. Versatility: Radiant diamonds are highly versatile and can be set in a variety of engagement ring styles and settings. Their rectangular or square shape makes them well-suited for solitaire settings, halo designs, and other elaborate settings that highlight their brilliance.

  4. Sparkle and Brilliance: Radiant diamonds are known for their exceptional sparkle and brilliance. The combination of step-cut and brilliant-cut facets allows for excellent light reflection and dispersion, resulting in a scintillating play of light.

  5. Availability and Pricing: Radiant natural diamonds are available in the market and are a popular choice for engagement rings. The pricing can vary based on the 4Cs—carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Larger carat weights and higher-quality diamonds generally command higher prices.

  6. Certification: When purchasing a radiant natural diamond, it is recommended to look for diamonds that are certified by reputable gemological laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Certification provides assurance of the diamond's quality and authenticity.

Radiant natural diamonds offer a beautiful combination of a rectangular or square shape and a brilliant sparkle. They are well-suited for those seeking a diamond shape that stands out and catches the eye. The radiant cut provides a balance between the elegance of a rectangular shape and the brilliance of a well-cut diamond, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings.

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