Emerald Cut Diamond - Hall of Mirrors Effect


Emerald Cut Diamonds – The Hall of Mirrors Effect


The emerald cut diamond is staggeringly beautiful. It is one that exudes class and distinction. If it was formal wear it would be a tuxedo or little black dress. If it was a cocktail, it would be a martini. Its tailored design is available in both rectangular and square (Asscher) shapes. Its facet positioning and hall of mirrors effect is like looking into a bottomless pool of water. It’s classical elegance.

Here are some of the basics to know about these show stoppers. Acceptable length to width ratios for a rectangular emerald cut are 1.3:1 to 1.6:1. Otherwise the 1:1 ratio is the most desired for the square variant. Due to the mirrored effect of the emerald cut’s faceting pattern, it is very important that the stone have a limited number of flaws. A GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grade of VS2 or better is highly recommended. Color can also be of concern; therefore, we recommend a GIA grade of H Color or better for an emerald cut diamond.

Emerald cut diamonds can stand on their own and are often set into a solitaire or three-stone engagement ring mounting. Some of the most iconic rings in history are an emerald cut set in a simple platinum setting by itself or with step cut baguettes or trapezoids flanking each side. Whitehouse Brothers offers our own signature die struck solitaire and three-stone mountings that are exclusive designs. If you desire clean lines with a timeless modern elegance, look no further than an emerald cut diamond set in a high-quality platinum engagement ring. This type of mounting if often paired with an eternity band as the options are endless.