"Ethically sourced diamonds" has been a hot button topic for many years.    This has been an area that plagued the diamond industry with visions of corruption, greed and infringements on human rights.
Fortunately, for the last 30 years the diamond industry has made improvements to prevent "conflict diamonds" from entering the supply chain.    Also, pressure from the general public and awareness has also put economic sanctions on the purchase of unethically sourced diamonds.

Major brick-and-mortar (Zales, Kay, Jared, Helzberg, etc) and online retailers (Blue Nile, James Allen, Brilliant Earth, Rare Carat, etc. have used ethics for promotion purposes and a springboard to build their brands.   The reality is, all US resellers of diamonds have to abide by the same principles for the diamond supply chain.   It does not matter where you buy, the entire jewelry industry is required to follow the same sourcing ethics.   Ethics in the diamond supply chain are not something that is unique to any one diamond reseller.   It is required.

It is not the diamond that is today's forefront, but ethically sourced mountings and jewelry products.   Where does the precious metal come from?    What are the labor practices?   Engagement ring mountings have a vague and convoluted supply chain that is not often clear.    The large online retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen have one thing in common; they are only retailers who buy and sell jewelry products.    They do not manufacture and have no control over their entire supply chain.   Large retailers are the biggest users of imported products.   Unfortunately, overseas producers do not have to follow the supply chain and labor practices that US manufacturers abide by.

When you are making your next jewelry purchase, ask; Where is it produced?   Do you know the craftspeople who made the product?   Will my ring be documented with images during the process?   Can I visit the facility?

At Whitehouse Brothers the answer is yes!    We are an in-house team of craftspeople who create our products from the raw materials to the final polish here in the US.    You will be provided with images and information about the manufacturing process from start to finish.   You can have access to the information and the exact details of your jewelry item at any time.
For over 125 years integrity, quality, and value has been a cornerstone of ethics at Whitehouse Brothers.