lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamond popularity has drastically increased over the past 2 years.   There is still some confusion on the product and many ask about about the secondary value.   

Lab grown diamonds have value and a secondary market.  They wholesale for a certain amount that sets the primary market price based on supply and demand.   If one can buy a lab grown for let's say $1,000 from a wholesaler but a secondary user offers the same diamond in the same condition at market price or less, this creates opportunity.   A secondary lab grown or natural diamond is generally in the same condition as primary lab grown as long is it has its original labratory paperwork and is in the original condition from the time is was cut and graded.

You will see quite a bit of confusion about lab grown diamond prices and the ability to resell the diamond after purchase.    Whitehouse Brothers will gladly offer a fair price on any lab grown diamond whether it is from an individual or wholesaler.   This is why we believe lab grown diamonds contain value to any owner.