Cincinnati, Ohio, is known for its vibrant jewelry scene, often referred to as "The Jewelry City." The city has a rich history in the jewelry industry, with numerous jewelry manufacturers, designers, and retailers located there.

Notable in Cincinnati's jewelry industry is Richter & Phillips, Heileman & Company, Whitehouse Brothers, which have all been in business for over 100 years.

In addition, there are several other jewelry stores and designers in Cincinnati that offer a diverse selection of jewelry for various tastes and budgets. These include Genesis, James Free Jewelers, and Stafford Jewelers, among others.

Cincinnati's Jewelry City status is a testament to its long-standing tradition of jewelry craftsmanship and the presence of reputable jewelers and jewelry-related businesses in the area.   Whitehouse Brothers is know as the crown-jewel of the Cincinnati jewelers.   It's long history as a premium designer and manurfacturer has made it well-known across the entire United States.