The Whitehouse Difference

The Whitehouse Difference

The Whitehouse Difference


There are numerous choices when it comes to purchasing a diamond online including the major e-tailers; Blue Nile, James Allen, Rare Carat, With Clarity and the list goes on. All of these e-tailers of diamonds have one thing in common, they are just that, e-tailers, meaning their sole purpose is to buy and sell product online.

They are all creations of the late 20th and 21st century. Driven by data, algorithms, AI which they will proudly advertise that they are the smartest way to help you save money. They competite side-by-side jockeying for google positions in a boiler room atmosphere. They offer the same mountings and diamonds; most of which are imported from outside of the US. The only difference is the logo on their website.

Lowest price, AI, algorithms? Do these terms sound like symbols of love, commitment and longevity? They are quick hooks to try and get shoppers and "conversions" by offering what is perceived to be the best deal on paper.

At Whitehouse Brothers, we have been continously manufacturing the finest mountings available to the industry since 1898. We offer high design and value in every engagement ring or wedding band we produce. Our mountings are not the lowest price, but they far exceed the quality of any product offered online. That is our guarantee and we stand behind it. How do we know this? We are the only manufacturer in the world to produce exclusively die struck mountings.   

The die struck process creates a ring that is 30% more dense than the typical casting. Our super compression of metal means that your ring will the last longer, a higher sheen, hold stones better, and have a feel of density and quality.

We offer lab and natural diamonds at the same prices or better than all of the other major retailers and e-tailers. Our lab grown and natural diamonds combined with our exclusive die striking process take your engagement ring to a level beyond compare.

When you are shopping for a ring that is to last generations, look for the experience, quality and value of a Whitehouse Brothers product to express the symbol of your commitment.