Storytelling is incredibly important when it comes to the Whitehouse Brothers brand. With a rich history of over 125 years, Whitehouse Brothers has had a colorful past. 

  1. Emotional Connection: Our vintage engagement ring styles each tell a story.   You look at the fine details, floral and filigree motifs that help inflict emotion.   Each ring has personal meaning to it's wearer.    

  2. Differentiation: Our products are not only unique in design, but also in creation.   True artists designed each one of our vintage engagement ring styles.   Most styles date back to the early 1900s.    The die struck process is also unique to Whitehouse Brothers.   It is the best method of manufacturing known ot the jewelry industry.

  3. Inspiration and Aspiration: Our ring designs were inspired by nature, organic and geometric design.   Each piece combines these features to create tiny sculptures to display the center diamond.

If you are looking for authentic vintage engagement rings, look no further than Whitehouse Brothers.   It is the only true vintage engagement ring brand in America that offers fine design and die struck quality.