What to Expect from a Whitehouse Brothers Ring

What to Expect from a Whitehouse Brothers Ring

What to Expect from a Whitehouse Brothers Ring


When you wear a Whitehouse Brothers ring, you’re not only wearing a quality piece of jewelry that’s hand-crafted in the USA, you’re wearing a timeless and future-family heirloom. Our jewelry is created to last for generations because of our quality checklist.

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Precision. Our diamond setting and engraving is all performed under 40-times magnification with microscopes for maximum precision.

Shine. Each ring is polished to the highest sheen possible through a four-step proprietary process, which produces a luster unmatched by any other product.

Recycled. Each Whitehouse Brothers piece starts as 100 percent recycled metal.

Pressure. We pour the metal for our rings into an ingot and form it into a sheet under 27 tons of pressure. The pressure ensures no weakness-causing air bubbles are introduced into the metal, and provides the strongest starting point available for jewelry. Each ring is then stamped under 50 tons of pressure from the formed sheet, further compressing the high-quality metal and removing any imperfections.

Solid. All our diamonds and engravings are cut out of solid metal, which allows for the most secure settings and highest quality engraving available.

Handmade. Our jewelers pierce every design by hand from solid parts, providing the strongest and most durable vintage filigree styles available.

Inspection. Every ring is inspected under 20-times magnification microscopes to identify and eliminate any imperfections.

Nickel-free. Our 18K gold and platinum rings are nickel-free to ensure a 100 percent hypoallergenic product.

Responsibly sourced. Our gemstones are all responsibly sourced and chosen for the finest cut and color available. We cut and calibrate our gemstones to match perfectly throughout the setting.