My fiance purchased my breathtaking vintage engagement ring with Scott at Whitehouse Brothers. He has told me how great of an experience it was from selecting the setting to the perfect diamond. Outstanding customer service!!!  Not only do I absolutely love my ring, I have gotten so many compliments on the amazing details of the filigree and how much radiance it gives off. Love my Stefania!
We will be purchasing Aaron's wedding ring with Whitehouse Brothers.

Whitehouse Brothers Review Google - Mindy C.

Scott and his team were fantastic. I had a family diamond I wanted in a Whitehouse Brothers setting. They sent a list of the styles that would be best for the size and shape of the diamond and helped me select a beautiful setting. They made it easy to send the diamond to them and they set it for us. I thought I knew what size ring I needed, but I was wrong. They were wonderful and made it easy to send back so they could size it for me and I had it back on my finger quickly. Its been over 2 years and my ring still looks as beautiful as it did on day one.

5 Star Review Google - Marney B.

Scott and team at Whitehouse Brothers are not only amazing jewelers, but amazing people. I worked with a local jeweler in Denver to purchase a Whitehouse Brothers ring. Scott shipped their entire sample set overnight to the jeweler for me to look at. Images in magazines are great, but holding the rings in your hand was amazing. Whitehouse Brothers went above and beyond to make my ring experience amazing. The final product was breathtaking. Quality and craftsmanship should be their motto. I would recommend Whitehouse Brothers to everyone.

Thank you for making this purchase so amazing.

5 Star Review Google - Chris K.

There isn't a more beautiful ring on the planet! Yes, I'm biased but I highly recommend the craftsmanship and quality of these rings. And the employees were extremely helpful when I was deciding which ring and size diamond I wanted. They took photos of different sized diamonds in the ring I wanted to help my actually see what they'd look like.

5 Star Review Wedding Wire - Brittany L.

My fiance allowed me to choose my engagement ring and after looking online for filigree rings, I happened upon Whitehouse Brothers out of Ohio, my home state! Beautiful ring -- so many compliments -- and very unique. I haven't seen one like it yet on anyone else's hand.

5 Star Review Wedding Wire - April

I just wanted to give a quick review of my experience purchasing a diamond engagement by Whitehouse Brothers. My fiance and I saw a OEC diamond in a Whitehouse setting but we weren't sold on the OEC diamond that was already set so I contacted Whitehouse Brothers directly to see how feasible it would be to have my own diamond set by him. I heard back from Daniel at Whitehouse Brothers with an hour or so (on a Sunday at that). He was extremely helpful and recommended a jeweler in Cincinnati that specialized in their settings. I heard from Dave at Heileman's within a day and he already had a few GIA OEC diamonds ready for me to consider. The customer service was top notch at both of these establishment. Heileman's had the setting we wanted at their location but I wanted it tweaked a little so they sent the diamond out to Whitehouse Brother's and had a setting custom made in less than one week. I'm not one to usually write reviews and recommendations but these two vendors went above and beyond my expectations. It's hard to get such great customer service these days. If you're in the market for an antique styled setting or an OEC cut diamond, I highly recommend Whitehouse Brothers and Heileman's. I've attached some pictures below of the ring they created for us so you can see their fantastic work. Thanks to Dan at Whitehouse Borthers and Dave at Heilemans for creating the perfect ring for my fiance! She absolutely loves it and everybody is impressed by the work that they have done.

5 Star Review Pricescope - Stefan K.

Scott went above and beyond for us! Would highly recommend using Whitehouse Brothers. They did way more than we expected to make our rings perfect! It was best to work directly with them. Very easy process.

5 Star Review Google - Wesley R.

I saw a Whitehouse Brothers ring in a local shop and hoped to eventually own one. Fast forward three years...I checked out the website which had a much wider selection than my local store. I picked three for the try-at-home box and they were shipped to me in no time. Scott reached out to me via email about the box and asked if I had any questions. I had picked my favorite and called him the next day to discuss. I purchased this ring as a right-hand ring and wanted a stone that was not a diamond. We discussed stones and options. I did some googling and sent Scott some examples of what I was thinking. He ordered a couple of stones to be shipped to his shop and then made videos (yes, videos!) to show what the stones would look like in the ring I chose. Stone #2 was the winner. The pictures of the finished ring were beautiful but paled in comparison to the ring in person. It is absolutely stunning! Scott kept me posted through the whole process and communication was great! The whole experience was great and I would definitely recommend Scott and Whitehouse Brothers to anyone who wants a ring!

5 Star Review Google - Rebekah R.

WB is an amazing company! I had a pretty complex request and they nailed it! Customer service was impeccable and I highly recommend the work these folks do.

5 Star Review Google - Justin H.

Great product

5 Star Review Google - Rob S.

I recently contacted Whitehouse Brothers about upgrading my wife’s engagement ring and wedding band. The set is 15 years old, and the jeweler we purchased the rings from is no longer in business. We wanted to add a matching band to complete the set. Scott was incredibly responsive and helpful. Seriously, some of the best customer service I’ve ever had online, or in person. He quickly identified the make/model and went to work. The end result is beautiful. My wife is very happy with the addition and will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks again!

5 Star Review Google - Sean S.