Hand engraving is a lost artform that has gone the way of so many technical skills.   Whitehouse Brothers is one of the few jewelry manufacturers that still completely hand engraves all of their patterned mountings.    We use the same patterns from the early 1900s that were designed on our die struck mountings.

If you want a true authentic engraved vintage engagement ring or wedding band, look no further than Whitehouse Brothers.    Engraving combined with a die struck mounting is the best in class product for quality and construction.    There is no better vintage engagement ring style than a die struck and hand engraved ring.

For over 125 years we have been using the same processes to produce our rings.   It is something that only Whitehouse Brothers can produce.     There are no other jewelry manufacturers in America that can make an authentic die struck vintage engagement ring to the level of quality as Whitehouse Brothers.

Visit our factory showroom in Cincinnnati, Ohio and get a first hand look at how the best engagement rings and wedding bands are produced.    We can show you natural and lab grown diamonds that can be combined with our mountings to produce a lasting engagement ring for generations to come.    Feel free to call or contact us by phone or email.