Platinum and why it is the best white metal

platinum vintage engagement ring with filigree and engraving


Platinum is not only a metal, but its a term that is widely used to describe things held to a highest level.  Think platinum album!

There's a reason why platinum is held to such a high standard.   It's pure, lasting, high white, and has an excellent dense feel.   A platinum ring will take a polish like no other metal.    It glows high white naturally.    Whitehouse Brothers platinum is 95% platinum and 5% ruthenium which is also part of the platinum family.    It's purity is what makes it non-allergenic.

The wearability of platinum is incredible.    It stands the test of time.    We often see platinum rings that are over 100 years old.   Their fine antique, filigree, and engraved details withstand daily wear.    

If you are in the market for a white metal and budget allows, platinum is the simple choice.   Combined with our exclusive die struck process, Whitehouse Brothers platinum rings are the most durable rings available world-wide.    There is not another product on the market that will wear better than a Whitehouse Brothers platinum ring.