There is quite a bit of knowledge on the internet about diamond cut, color, and clarity available to research online.    You can spend a lifetime getting into the details of diamonds and learning about everything from the diamond crystal structure to the cutting and polishing techniques.    The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the foremost authority on diamonds.   They have done wonders for developing quality standards and education.    Retailers faithfully regurgitate GIA's published guidance and it can be found everywhere.   At Whitehouse we also suggest to seek information from if you wish to learn more about diamonds.
There however is a disconnect on the jewelry mounting side.    There are not standards for quality that have to be met in the jewelry industry other than meeting the minimum stated metal purity or karat (10, 14, 18, platinum etc).   Jewelers can claim high or fine quality without any benchmark or comparison.    
As a consumer you have to trust the retailer is in fact providing you with a high-quality engagement ring or wedding band mounting.   Whitehouse Brothers does set a standard that is unmatched by the rest of the jewelry industry by using our unique manufacturing process called die striking.    If there was a benchmark for the highest quality under laboratory conditions, die struck metals would be rated at the very top.   The super compression of metals yields the strongest mounting possible.   The standard of casting, used by the majority of the industry would be rated at the bottom.    Casting expands the metal by introducing air or porosity.   As a result, when a die struck piece of metal with the same volumes as a cast piece are weighed side-by-side there is a significate difference the density.
Only die struck mountings can guarantee that you are getting the best and most durable mounting.  Castings not only expand the metal, castings are also inconsistent.   The process varies wildly when you compare the repeatability by dimension, weight, and metal consistency.   Die striking is an exact science of controlled pressure and volume.   Casting on the other hand is an art form in its process and has many opportunities for failure between its many stages.
Our suggestion as a consumer is to always ask for die struck.   It will give you the best value and durability.   For this reason, Whitehouse Brothers only offers die struck mountings.   You can be confident that you are receiving a first-class product that will stand the test of time.